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The mission of the Amazigh Film Festival is to promote and celebrate the North African Amazigh (Berber and Tuareg) culture by offering documentaries and films created by Amazigh artists, directors and producers , subtitled in English, to various anglophone audiences in America.


Each year, a selection of the best productions from Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, the Canary Islands (Guanches), the Sahara Desert, Mali and Niger (Tuareg people)  has been  presented in Los Angeles, New York and Boston.





Dear Helene,
Congratulations on spearheading the first Amazigh film festival in the US.

As much as I regret not being present there at this even! I applaud you and Tazzla

for pulling this off. I share with you the joy and the hope that this event will become

the pioneer of a regular event that will flourish in this country.

I am happy that it is Tazzla and not someone else that is organizing this

for the simple reason that we know how deeply Tazzla  cares about the Amazigh culture.

We thank you Helene for your efforts. We thank those who helped you,

and I promise to do my best to be on you side for the second edition,

because I am sure there will be many more festivals.

On behalf of ACAA, congratulations and our best wishes for a successful festival.
Aseggas Ifullkin

Yennayer Ameggaz - Happy New Year
Hsen Larbi President

From   Morocco:


"The Issni N’ Ourgh Association, organiser of Issni N’ Ourgh
International  Amazigh Film Festival In Agadir (FINIFA), have
wholeheartedly supported the Los Angeles Amazigh Film
Festival in the past, and recommend the 2012 program on
       As both Festivals are dedicated to promote and support the
Amazigh culture of North Africa and Sahara, we look forward to
extend our partnership and to achieve our mutual objectives."



Dear Ms. Helen Hagan,

The Amazigh Film Festival last year in Los Angeles was a rare opportunity to learn about

and experience the rich and ancient culture of the Amazigh culture.

Your programming is a great compliment to the international culture of Los Angeles

and I command you for your commitment and research.


Best Wishes,


Yuval Ron

International record producer, world music artist, educator, recipient of NEA grants

and Oscar winning composer.

From Aomar Benslimane, past president of A.C.A.A.

January 2019    -  The Los Angeles Amazigh Film Festival (LAAF) has made great progress. You deserve most of the credit for being the pioneer master mind behind the project. I was very proud and happy when I attended the 2009 edition that took place in LA as President of the Amazigh Cultural Association (ACAA)...... real products grow with time as we nurture them with great planning, expert advice, focus on selecting great and meaningful topics and of course great care to deliver products of excellence and quality in order to bring the real change and strong and positive impact in the promotion of the Berber history and culture. You have done well and I would like to thank you for your friendship and true dedication to preserving and promoting our Berber cultural inheritance. Happy New Year to you, your family and all the staff that has been helping you across the years. Take care of yourself. Aomar Benslimane.