I'THE 17 MINUTE DOCUMENTARY  TO BE SHOWN AT THE  FESTIVAL  IS A SHORTENED VERSION OF A LONGER FILM. Its producer is a friend of the Amazigh Film Festival,  and has authorized the Institute to ask for donations which will be sent to UAVES , (Union pour un Avenir Ecologique et Solidarite), a Tuareg NGO  in Gao, Mali  for the benefit of the inhabitants of Inzanke, rural community of Gabero, Circle of Gao,  where this documentary has been filmed.  The co-ordinator of the project in Mali is Mr. Adama Tiegoum,  UAVES.  Already, plans are on their way to furnish a well to the 680 families (sedentary and semi-nomadic) which are in proximity of Inzanke., through the agency of this NGO, working with MINUSMA, the United Nations Civil Affairs program serving the area  in its water  needs. The liaison with MINUSMA  and the search for funding through that program was facilitated in part by the collaboration of Souleymane Ag Anara, the Tazzla Institute and  UAVES, the Malian Tuareg NGO .  All additional funds which  Tazzla Institute might raise through its project of the Amazigh Film Festival  will continue to be used through the agency of UAVES to better the daily lives of those families, be it sanitation, hygiene, health concerns or educational facilities.   Thank you for helping such a project. 


Twenty years ago, and for a number of years, Tazzla Institute established and completed a program of modest financial help to Desert Schools in Niger, through the agency of another NGO under the direction of a Tuareg  friend, Mr. Issyad Ag Kato .  In that project, we were able to raise some funds to  purchase a number of goats for the schools, and contribute to a well.  We hope we will be able to help similarly in Mali.